How Can Customs Brokers Help Small Businesses?

What are the Benefits of a Customs Broker for Small Businesses?

Your small business may rely on the prompt delivery of goods ordered locally or from other countries, or on the successful exportation of your small scale production to local or international buyers. When exportation and importation processes are involved, you need to meet custom requirements that allow your goods to be dispatched or delivered at the dock. This entails meeting custom regulations, and when these are not met, your goods risk being withheld or altogether confiscated.

To ensure that that your goods do not cause trouble at the port, the services of a customs broker are important.

A customs broker is a person or agent licensed to ensure that shipments adhere to set importation and exportation standards and regulations. This implies taking care of the required documentation, paying duty fees and taxes, and meeting any other set regulations and payments.

From an expertise perspective, the customs broker has knowledge in the general customs laws, custom classifications, custom tariff and taxes, freight procedures, and import and export laws among other areas. This vast knowledge makes the customs broker your go-to resource person for your small business export or import transactions.

The customs broker offers you these specific services and benefits:

The Security of an Expert

A customs broker is the expert aware of the latest updates on customs regulations. Hiring the services of a customs broker saves you the trouble of having to seek the latest information about importing or exporting your goods because the expert is already at it. Besides, the vast knowledge on customs regulations makes the customs broker adept in ensuring that your goods are not delayed at the docks.

Saving on Cost

Even though you pay the services of a customs broker, you are saved from the extra costs resulting from your lack of expertise. For example, you may go for clearance to the wrong office and spend more fuel driving back to the correct one. The customs broker knows the ins and outs of the clearance procedures and will save you additional costs by expediting the entire process. Further, the customs broker will caution you against import or export shipment offers that may have hidden costs which you do not want to incur.

Time Management

Without a customs broker, you will need to abandon your daily duties to attend to clearance procedures. Additionally, you will need to handle the importation or exportation paperwork which you may not be familiar with, hence, consuming a lot of your time. The customs broker has experience in all these areas and will accomplish these activities in less time.

Consistent Advice

Your customer broker is your standards and regulations advisor. Once a reliable business relationship is established with the broker, you will benefit from consistent updates on customs law modifications, tariff and tax increment or decrement, and any alterations in landing fees. Most importantly, the broker will give you useful advice on shipment standards and regulations before deciding to import or export.

When Sourcing for a Customs Broker

Ensure that the broker is licensed and up-to-date with exports and imports customs standards and regulations. Vast knowledge in shipment requirements is also a plus.

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