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Shipping and freight forwarding companies play an agent role of coordinating and regulating the transportation of goods from the supplier to the buyer by rail, road, marine or air ways. Specific tasks of a shipping and freight company include reserving shipment space on goods carriers and following up on shipment documentation and transportation progress.

Effective shipment and freight forwarding assures both the suppliers and the buyer that the goods will be transferred in the safest means possible and delivered in good condition. For this to happen, shipping and freight forwarders need to be experts in the transportation logistics.

So, how does a company sourcing for shipping and freight forwarding services ensure that their choice company will deliver quality services? Here are 9 success tips.

Choose a shipping and freight company with multiple service contracts.

This will give you greater chances of getting your goods on board within agreed timelines. Multiple contract allow the contracted company to turn to a different contractor when one is not available. This is especially important in peak periods when space on transportation vessels is overly booked and therefore hard to secure.

Ascertain that the company can handle your goods.

Some shipping and freight companies are specialized in specific goods. Confirm that your choice company is not doing trial and error and using your goods as a pioneer shipment.

Assess the company’s network of global agents at dispatch and destination ports.

 This offers you the assurance of a good system of communication and consequently a consistent flow of information necessary to track the transportation progress.

Ensure that the company has a sound financial status.

You would not want to pay for the transportation of your goods and later receive extra claims for demurrage and withholding costs because your forwarding agent has not paid for shipment.

Upfront communication.

If the forwarding company keeps dodging your calls or redirecting them to second and third parties, it could be a sign that something is not right. A reliable forwarding company will assign you a reference person who is always available for communication.

The forwarder can refer you to other clients.

If your forwarding company refers you to clients for whom they have successfully transportation goods, you have good ground for signing the business agreement. Take time, however, to cross check details and get feedback on whether the referred manufacturers were satisfied with the services of the forwarder.

Don’t omit insurance details.

Tasking a shipping and freight forwarding company that has no cargo insurance cover would be the same as throwing your goods into sea. Do not omit this crucial detail. As the saying goes, it is better to be sure than sorry.

Confirm the company’s attention to price variations.

Ensure that the company you are entrusting your goods to does not make you pay more that you need to. A qualified shipping and freight company will compare market prices and target the best pricing transportation business while ensuring maximum quality in goods handling. This has a spillover effect on the quotation that the forwarding company delivers to you.

Your choice forwarding company belongs to a trade association.

This may serve as an extra assurance that the shipping and forwarding company has good reputation. Trade associations require a certificate of a good reputation before enrolling members.

Bottom line

Ensure your goods are safely delivered to the buyer and in good time by seeking the services of a reliable shipping and forwarding company.

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